Quiet Christmas in the sunshine

Not quite the heat levels I’d hoped for but Calahonda near Malaga is still warmer than where I normally call home in the U.K.! We’ve been here since Saturday evening and have enjoyed quite a few lovely days of sunshine together with beautiful views of the ocean from our balcony.

I’ve also managed to work on my UFO’s!!! Joes toes slippers are complete and pretty comfy. I didn’t bring the right needle to do the appliquΓ© flowers but the slippers are functional.

I’ve also managed to make a dent to the yoga teacher training pre-reading list with Mark Stephens ‘Teaching Yoga” book.

It takes longer to read when you have to make notes too!! So far so good really. Another action on my 50 to 50 is doing yoga more regularly and I’ve done that on holiday too πŸ‘πŸ»

Finally doing my Scheepjes Sophie’s stool crochet. Hoping to finish it by the time we return home on Saturday.

So overall a nice quiet Christmas and looking forward to 2019!

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Book 1 of 12 finished πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

I’ve gone and done it!! Not only finished Pride and Prejudice but scratched off the gold on my poster!

As part of my 50 to 50 I decided to read 12 classic books on my scratch off poster. Hi started with a favourite and completed it this morning. I’ve defaced the poster and added a date. πŸ€“

Now I need to decide what my next book should be. While I decide I will start one of my Yoga teacher training books.

594 pages!!! I’ve got seven books as per reading that are all around this length. Thankfully I’m a quick reader but with work and other reading going on I’m not sure I’ll complete all pre reading by early February πŸ€ͺ

For anyone interested, the poster I have is available online. I had mine mounted by my local picture framing place. Pop Chart Lab

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A whole month has passed today

One month into my 12 months to 50 and on reflection I’ve been pretty busy. I have been learning new words, however, try as I might the opportunities to use any of them elude me. There isn’t much need to waft on about being an opsimath or try to explain my alexithymia to anyone.

Perhaps in a few weeks I can talk about being a thalassophile and how I plan to apricate on holiday. And I do hope I succeed in overcoming any atelophobia. Yeah I know, they don’t quite fall into casual conversation. πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ™„

As I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post I work in IT in the retail sector but perhaps I’ve not divulged my somewhat at odd idea of being a really bad shopper. I just don’t enjoy spending money unless I need to.

Well let me tell you a secret. I’m a fraud. Over the past few weeks (yes WEEKS) I’ve been sorting out my sewing room and came up with the idea to catalogue my fabric. That’s why I’m a fraud. While I’m not so keen on clothes, shoes or makeup, I cannot resist fabric. My collection is staggering.

I’ve so far only catalogued 30 pieces of fabric. It’s probably a fifth of my collection. That my collection is pretty vast is one thing but instead of the odd metre or two very many of the 30 pieces measured over 4m!!!

On reflecting how contradictory my retail views were I then proceeded to cough up and finally buy myself a decent pair of noise cancelling earphones. Bose C35 II in limited edition navy. The idea of being on a reasonably long flight with over excited children of other passengers while I try read my book was the clincher. Hubby has a pair from an earlier version and they are amazing.

I’m writing this in a pub while waiting for friends from Wales. Another splurge on the budget was having my dinner here. Since hubby gave up work we’ve been really good and not eaten out but twice in the last 7 days I’ve not eaten home cooked meals 😲 they were delicious. Had a fab dinner with the girls on Friday at Zizzi’s and tonight had fabulous pub grub at The Victoria, both in Hitchin – my adopted home town.

Progress on the other 50 to 50 is we’ve settled on a month for the coast to coast walk – June 2019. Reason being its before school summer holidays and midge season as well as the home renovation work will be nearing an end. Come January I start training. Walking 20 miles a day will take some effort!

The other area has been trying new drinks. I’ve had several different gins and tried 2 new beers. Both beers were gluten free and remarkably yummy.

I’m steadily making progress on my UFOS with the hardest one being my Ubuntu blanket. Last night I joined all the diamonds and plan to complete the hexagon tomorrow night and move onto the epic border. This blanket will end up being nearly 2m in diameter. I don’t do things by half measures.

So the end of a long post. This is what happens when I’m super early and too embarrassed to read my book while sipping water in a pub. Too cliched considering the book is Pride and Prejudice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Till next week!

50 in 50

Exhausted 😩

That about sums up my week. Thankfully I know it will continue to be exhausting for a bit, however I also know we go on holiday in 33 days!

I enjoyed making progress on my Ubuntu crochet along, even if I’m a few weeks behind the official guide. I was over the moon meeting the founder of the Bullet Journal method and hearing how he came up with it was the highlight of my week.

I lost a bit of myself trying to learn how to code though and that’s probably the route cause of being exhausted. I try really hard to learn new things but learning to code is a major mental blocker for me. Unfortunately I don’t have a choice about it anymore as it’s a required skill at work. I know it will sink in eventually but by Friday I was close to tears a few times. Tears of total frustration. 😩

Anyway I’ve made progress on my 50 to 50 including trying a new drink! Gluten-free beer 🍻 who knew such a thing even existed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and that it would be so tasty!

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Trello,BUJO and other adventures

Turning 49 was a relatively quiet event.Β  As I have left all forms of social media only 1 friend actually remembered my birthday.Β  It felt really weird but just goes to show how much society now relies on social media to keep up to date.

The first week has flown by, so much so that I missed my weekly blog commitment by a day.Β  I had intended on writing this blog last night however I kind of injured my neck on Saturday and then had lots of cold wind on it while on the beach yesterday so got home to one very sore neck and one very grumpy me.

I have now set up a trello board with all the items friends suggested as well as 12 of my own items.Β  I then decided to label the items depending on complexity and cost.Β  I went from ‘easy’ through ‘bonkers’ to my favourite one of ‘I will be impressed if I do it’.Β  Clearly my friends do have a sense of humour.

Progress has been good all things considered.Β  Work has been taking up way more of my time than I am paid for however I know it is a temporary thing and things should calm down a bit now we are in an IT Change Freeze.

I have learnt a new word and it was from the book on lost words that I took out of the library.Β  ‘Opsimath’ which is someone who learns or studies late in life.Β  Some of my friends do not consider me to be in later life but I think 49 is getting there, I mean really I do seem to be doing things backwards.Β  Deciding to finally go after my yoga teacher qualification when I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years is one example.Β  Getting a University Degree at 44 is not really the done thing so who knows the coming year could be a case of learning late in life – who learns to swim at 49! ha ha ha

I am back doing my BUJO (Bullet Journaling) and I am super excited to be meeting the founder of BUJO on 14/11/2018.Β  He is doing a world tour to promote his book and I have made a plan to go and hear him out.Β  I have been BUJO’ing for about 4 years now, so a bit of an early adopter.Β  I like it as it is a totally analogue way of managing your time and life.Β  It is so simple but also can be really creative when you want it to be.Β  My November spread is one of my favourite ones for a long time.

Time is up for now. I’ll probably get a mid week blog in as I’m on training later in the week and that may just terrify me enough to blog about it. Apparently I’m going to leave the course on 20/11 knowing a bit more about coding πŸ˜²πŸ˜‰πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€―

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Day before the start of my 50 to 50

It is the night before my 49th birthday.Β  Today has been hectic from a work perspective and will remain hectic through the next 7 or 8 weeks to get through Black Friday, Christmas and Clearance.Β  So, a few updates on progress:

  • I now have a kanban of items in my Trello board
  • I have given each of the items a label based on my view of how easy or hard the task is, these labels are:
    • Easy to achieve
    • Marginally expensive
    • Expensive
    • Bonkers
    • If I do it, I’ll impress myself
  • I have columns in my Kanban from Backlog to Done and so far have one item in Doing and a further 6 in Planning.Β  The balance of the 50 plus a few more for extra measure are in Backlog.

I aim to blog weekly with updates on what is progressing, what is done and who knows, maybe even some actual metrics around cumulative flow and cycle time.Β  YUP, I have been on an Agile course and I am applying it as usual to my life.

Watch this space for regular updates, if you want to contribute to my trello board do ping me a message.

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9 days to go!

In 9 days I turn 49.Β  This then marks the start of 365 days of adventure and learning new things before I turn 50.Β  Having asked friends and family to come up with some ideas I now need to plan them out and schedule them in over the year.Β  One of them will be to BUJO (Bullet Journal) daily and then to blog once a week – so, expect a lot more from me soon!

The older I get the more ubuntu resonates with me – I have a tattoo that represents the African philosophy and I really do try to live according to it.

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