2020 will be better

I hardly wrote in 2019. It was a truly horrible year for me. I’m really glad it’s over! Here is to 2020 and all the positive things that I plan.

I am doing Vejanuary and it’s day 2. It’s not terribly difficult but I’m finding milk for my coffee a bit of a challenge so I’ve gone back to drinking black coffee at home and soy/oat/coconut or almond if buying a coffee out. I think the way coffees are made in shops differ from just adding the milk alternatives to my home made coffee 😂.

Other things I’ve taken on are the #fade2020 crochet temperature blanket.

Also hope to not buy any new clothing unless I really need it. I have so much fabric that I’m hoping to make at least one item of clothing a month in 2020.

Finally, I’m decluttering 2020 items this year. Either selling or giving away. Most will be CDs as we don’t even have anything to play them on anymore.

Happy New Year 🥳

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